White T-shirt Oversize style “Invasion” by Danielito Streetwear


White T-shirt “invasion” model, in oversized cut by Danielito Streetwear 100% cotton fabric Full color print of Alien invading the earth. Made entirely in Russia.


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This Danielito Streetwear t-shirt is the perfect combination for you, oversize style fabric of excellent quality (100% cotton) and our illustration, printed in high resolution. It makes this model like others of our brand something original. In Danielito Streetwear, we believe in doing quality things, so we choose the best fabrics on the market and we strive to make everything very well finished. That is why when you wear our pices, you’ll see the  difference of the best value for money. This shirt, like other ones, is made in Russia with the experience of the Soviet Union.

Danielito Streetwear’s Invasion model is inspired by the famous “I want to believe” posters and what can happen if the Aliens really arrive. It is a retro design, which reminds us that before we want to believe in something, we must think about its consequences.

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