Classic style t-shirt “Invasion” by Danielito Streetwear in black


Classic black t-shirt Model “invasion” by Danielito Streetwear. 100% cotton fabric High resolution full color printing.


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This streetwear  t-shirt from our first edition of Danielito streetwear, in classic style cut. Like all of our shirts, is an original design as the  graphics and the cloth. If you see another similar design it is simply imitation. The fabric is 100% cotton with orange details like our logo on the sleeve. The print is in high resolution to show the details of the illustration. This streetwear  T-shirt resists washing and a common use. We recommend reading the instructions on the t-shirt before washing it and if you do not know those icons on the tab, we recommend  to ask your mother or google, they will know for sure. Another product of Danielito Streetwear made in Russia.

This t-shirt from Danielito Streetwear’s Invasion model is inspired by the famous “I want to believe” posters and what can happen if the Aliens really arrive. It is a retro design, which reminds us that before we want to believe in something, we must think about its consequences.

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