Oversize White T-shirt “Mickey is Dead” by Danielito Streetwear,


Oversize T-shirt in white color  by Danielito Streetwear model “Mickey is Dead”, 100% cotton fabric Full color printing. Made in Russia.

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We are tired of seeing so many Mickey’s T-shirts. For this reason we have found a cruel character who has murdered him and thus change the course of things. Under this premise we have produced this model of Danielito Streetwear t-shirt.

T-shirt of Danielito Streetwear. With illustration of a rat that has killed Mickey. We made it in full colour printing 100% high quality cotton fabric and double seams in all parts. This product is of excellent quality throughout its production, its cuts and manufacturing guarantee a very comfortable product. We recommend you see the instructions on how to take care of the shirt on the internal label, if you do not know the symbols, ask your mother or google it,  for sure they can help you. As well as other Danielito Streetwear products, this shirt is created in Russia.

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