Danielito Streetwear “Bucket Hat” in olive green


Hat type “bucket hat” olive green, with orange logo and orange details  inside. Made with double internal fabric which offers a better quality than the other hats of this type that are on the market. Exclusive design by Danielito Streetwear made entirely in Russia.

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This hat is one of the darlings of our first collection. Like all our caps, its fabric is very resistant and high quality. We liked to use the  green color because evokes the military and fishermen colours. Inside we chose the orange fabric as a detail together with the Danielito logo. We created  with double fabric inside, which offers a greater quality and durability, than the common caps that we find in the market, that normally has only a single layer of fabric. This is another example of our commitment to produce high quality products. This cap like many of our products, is made in Russia by expert hands and under our strict supervision.

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Weight 0.105 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 15 cm


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