Who is HELCH, and why their graffitis made the Londoners crazy?

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Who is HELCH, and why their graffitis made the Londoners crazy?

God save the Queen

The word HELCH written in important places of the city has sounded to the inhabitants of London in recent months. And this graffiti artist has reached the ears of the Queen of England because he has written the name on a viaduct that goes directly to the famous Windsor Palace. It is known that the first graffiti appeared in September 2018. And it has continued to flood the city and its surroundings with the word HELCH.

What at first seemed to attract the attention of these graffiti was the location quite prominent as bridges that overlook traffic roads and how well they are. In a readable and classic letter, something not very normal, if we take into account that in general, a graffiti is made in places with little traffic.


Boris is HELCH …

So when the word HELCH emerged in several places with these characteristics in a city as populated as London, people began to ask the common questions. Who is this artist? How do he makes these graffiti without being discovered? And what does HELCH mean? So far none of those questions have been answered. One of his graffiti in fueling the myth was one on a railway bridge, which said: Boris is HELCH,  to which all English seemed funny, because they understood that he was referring to the most famous Boris of the British island; Boris Johnson, the nation’s prime minister. So we could say, another mysterious and prominent street artist has emerged from London.


HELCH does not have the acceptance that Banksy has.

What seemed a kind of challenger to the authorities and the emergence of a new idol of urban art. Suddenly his career were stop some weeks ago  for the controversial destruction of an ancient and iconic graffiti on a bridge on a main road in London, where John Lennon’s famous phrase “Give Peas a Chance” was written,And replaced  for the phrase “Give Helch a Break”. Of course it is not well seen to destroy the work of other artists even if they are both violating a law of public harm. But many say it was not HELCH himself who painted on the famous graffiti. Ir was  his fans, as a result of the disclosure that the Queen herself was outraged by having painted an access to the Windsor Palace.


For now all these incidents, together with the rumors that run to all these controversies, have made HELCH headline in many newspapers in England. The audacity of this street artist to make graffiti where nobody dared, without being discovered, have led him to be in the eye of the English media hurricane and now worldwide.

we hope to see more about HELCH in the coming months. We believe that now more than ever, his identity will not come to light, knowing that the Queen of England does not like his art very much.


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