Sunglasses Styles

солнцезащитные очки

Sunglasses Styles

and how to choose one according to your personality

The sunglasses is an essential piece of the wardrobe sometimes sub-estimated and not taken as essential accessory  but the protection for your eyes it is essential for a long term, the UV rays cause damage on the retina and the cornea dry eye and and damage in all the irrigation system of the eye. Also make us, look more cool, and people can’t see to where are we looking. to Buy a Sunglasses it’s must be as important as to wear a nice pair of shoes, it’s could be fashion but it is an element of protection too. 

Many people use them to reflect their real personalities, Sometimes we can see people on the street wearing a fancy normal suit but take the risk to improve they look with some awesome  sunglasses. Others use them as distinctive mark like Elton John well know for wear of millions of glasses during his career, sometimes a formal suit and strambotic eyewear or sometimes a strange look with a strange glasses. Sometimes the  sunglasses for women or su glasses for men reflect more the personality of the person than the cloth. 

The eyeware make a  final definition of what you are, because is direct related to your face every time you wear a glasses you improve your face. That is why to choose a style define direct how people look at you.

In this article we enumerate some of the most common Sunglasses Styles from fashion sunglasses of all the times to last tencedes we hope this help you to show to the world your real one. .  In some other places you will read about how to choose a glasses can fix with you face. But in reality a sunglass it is part of what we are, and how much do you feel comfortable wearing it. It’s really doesn’t matter how it fix with your face it is more about what do you want to said to the world, when you wear something in your face like a sunglass:

The classics:

Be retro is always a signature of intelligence, when you wear an almost welknow product mean that you are connect with with the past but appreciate the good things. “Be so fashion” it’s not always accepted but combinate the past and the present show that you are an actual person but know where we came from.

The Aviators Sunglasses:

To enumerate the famous classics  sunglasses let’s start with one of the most iconic one, the aviators. In 1936 Baush and Lomb start to produce a wide and light eyewear for the US pilots. The General MacArthur one of the famous figures in World War II was well known for for this glasses and his big pipe.

The General MacArthur wearing the famous aviator sunglasses

But after the war a new generation of ex-soldiers became famous for become rebels against the system, System that cut his precious years of youth on the war kill his friends. And the sunglasses used by the pilots during the war, start to become a sight of rebellion for those who’s they youth spend fighting against the natzis,  save the world but later forgotten. A family of ex-former flight squadron of the pacific war, created the first and most famous biker club; “the hell angels” that became the most fearnest one.

First Boeing squadron with the «Hell Angles’ sign

The bikers tooks two iconic wearable symbols, the leather jacket that was originally used by the bombers, and the aviator sunglasses and transform them in a symbol of rebellion. Movies like “the wild one” (1953) with Marlon brando and “Easy Rider” (1969) with Peter Fonda with 16 years of different both show a reckless riders wearing the same symbols a leather jacket and an aviator sunglasses. Until our days the same glasses still is used for millions whos feel rebel and.

Marlon Brando — on the film: The Wild One 1953
Peter Fonda Easy Rider Film 1969

The Wayfarer Sunglasses

At the 50’s Ray-Ban with the designer Raymond Stegeman created another classic, the Wayfarer. The inspiration became from the designboom of the 50’s after the war. The improvement of classic bold frame evolved to a more aggressive lines and a new manufacturing technology process that make them more durable with streamlines. Make the Wayfarer model, during the 50’s and 60’s a revolution in sunglasses matter. Artist and politicians show themself, wearing the wayfarer model. On the 60’s  Many variation of the same model were made and many firms start to create they own version.

Bob Dylan on of the famous Artis wearing the Wayfarer Sunglasses

At 70’s more fashion lens took the scene, but at the 80’s the famous film “The Blues Brothers” putted again the model on the view on millions of retro fans. The  film’s characters can’t see without the glasses, so film they always wearing it. In that moment the company understood the power of marketing in Hollywood, and they pay more than 50k dollars for the wayfarer model appear in many movies and clips as possible.

At 70’s more fashion lens took the scene, but at the 80’s the famous film “The Blues Brothers” putted again the model on the view on millions of retro fans. The  film’s characters can’t see without the glasses, so film they always wearing it. In that moment the company understood the power of marketing in Hollywood, and they pay more than 50k dollars for the wayfarer model appear in many movies and clips as possible.

Blues Brothers Film

Until our days the Wayfarer style is one of most copied and versioned model in the world hundreds of variation of  colors, sizes and material were applied to this iconic sunglass.

The Rounded Ones

Ozzy Osbourne

As a reminiscence of the first eyeglasses, Is the most simple design possible. Just a delicate metal frame and to rounded crystals, sometimes completely dark sometimes in vivid colors.  Became an Icon of a controversial 60’s generation. John Lennon popularized more, and became an hippie symbol still in our days. Other face of this design is the singer Ozzy Osbourne. A rounded sunglasses is always related to the hippie moment and the 60’s revolution. 

John Lennon

Cat-Eye and Harlequin Sunglasses.

Marilyn Monroe

The Shape of Harlequin glasses. were created at the 30’s by Altina Schinasi an exceptional woman. Artist, window dresser, and designer, Altina changed the way the glasses must be. She notices how boring the eyeglasses were at the moment. So she took a harlequin mask and shaped in a glasses way, and a new era of fashion glasses design start. The women had they own style something remarkable for the 60 revolution.  Also the cat-eye sunglasses that Jacqueline Kennedy (Onassis) popularized at the 60’s where designer by her. hundred of millions of versions of this design where created or just correction lens but immediately they were transformed to the sunglass versions. at the 80’s a small cat-eye sunglasses for men and women popularized becoming an small version. 

Ths Sunglasses and the 80’s 

In the 80’s  happened many changes. the punk movement invade the streets but also reach the fashion industry, in contraposition the neon colors appeared also and scale position in everywhere from cloth or architecture we saw the bright neon colors. The electronic music and the synthetiser took a special position in every song that play on the radio. And a new way to “see the music”, the video clips. 

The strange fashion musicians appeared wearing a never seen costumes hat and glasses. Like the robot sunglasses or the asymmetric. Fluorescent colored sports lenses were also imposed, the famous sports and ski lenses were worn on the street and fashion versions were made of them.

Asymmetric sunglasses, a Helmund Newton photograph for Vogue Magazine

If you want to look very fashion and have a radical look. These lenses help your style. They are not very common, even are not the best sellers, so they give you an air of connoisseur from other times. We recommend you listen to bands like: Devo, The Cars, Blondie or Madness and watch movies like Pretty in Pink, The Goonies or Beetlejuice.

Actual sunglasses trends

There are many styles that have been imposed over the years. Currently lens designers are trying to create something new to impress and become an important place in the market. But the classics still are the ones that occupy the largest sales space. The great design brands are always innovating in materials and accessories to create something different. But there are some ideas that lead the styles for some years.

Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses


Burberry Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are not a new idea, since the 60s this concept existed. From this century they have become increasingly famous. Versions of the classic glasses are now made in their oversize versionsю It is a style that women like because it helps hide the lack of makeup and always makes them look great. Oversized sunglasses are always an option and always has to be on any girl’s wardrobe. 

Vivid colors:

one of the simplest and most successful things is to remake classic sunglasses in bright colors. They are usually in a cheap versions to use not so times they are useful to combine with your summer look. You have to be careful with some of these versions because they cannot be made for true UV protection and can cause vision damage. But there have also been good quality versions that serve for years. Many people as we said before usually wear sunglasses that contrast completely with their clothes, that is also always cool and striking. Just make sure, when you buy brightly colored sunglasses verify that they have UV certification you can ask the seller or ask show the manufacturer’s certificate.

Full Color sunglasses


Another trend unlike the Oversize are the Minis, used in the 60’s now again are retaken, we could classify them as strictly fashion glasses that does not fulfill any other function than to adorn your face. Unlike what we propose in this article not to guide you by the face shape to choose glasses but rather buy the ones that your style dictates. With this type of model we recommend that you always try them before buy, because we can assure you that they can cause the opposite effect and make you look like an elderly and unattractive person. Normally they are not easy to see through, them usually they end up used under of the line of view. They are an accessory rather than as a sunglass.

Full glass and transparent:

A trend that seemed to be temporary. And now not just only remain even evolved.  These are the full glass lenses in the front or completely translucent material. They are being made from classic models to fashion and innovative. Because with this tendence the retro and the modern combines very well. You can choose  classic models sunglasses with these new materials and its makes you to redefine styles. In this way you will prove to be an intelligent and modern person at the same time.

With this article we want to show you the designs that have defined the trend of sunglasses over the years and let you know that choosing sunglasses for your face shape may not be the most appropriate if you do not feel well with what you wear. Choosing the accessory you use in the most visible part of your body helps us to reflect more of our personality.

“Attitude is everything”

Diane Von Furstenberg

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