My name is Danielito … (streetwear)

My name is Danielito … (streetwear)

I will tell you, How we became a streetwear clothing brand

Hi, my name is Danielito …

In this blog, I will tell you stories of how from 1972 until today we became a streetwear clothing brand. Which is really an expression of rebelliousness that never ends.

Since I was born I was never like other people. Now I understand my parents, who say that I always made them spend a moment of panic. The truth is that I never wanted to do it, but my personality has always made me not to do what others did.

I never wanted to be a problematic child, but I understand that it was in my nature to be like that. Today I regret what my parents went through. Excuse me dad and mom, it was not my intention to cause so many problems.

But somehow it always ended in a disastrous mess.

I invite you to get to know stories of my life. Follow me on the blog of my page. Danielito Street Wear is for irreverent people who do not want to go the way other people go. Together we create a new future.

I was always a potential artist, and I never understood why my mother didn’t want me to express myself. My parents told me that from a very young age I wanted to experiment with different types of painting and technique. But my family wouldn’t let me develop. … I do not understand why?.

I still remember when I was very young and I had my first experience in street art

I don’t know why my mom never liked, my passion for the nature and the new friends that I sometimes I brought home.

to be continue…

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